Friday, January 25, 2013

Wait or Weight

So after waiting for 6 days, Kelsea FINALLY got to see his "O" today when surgery came this evening to change the dressing. She was intrigued. Not sure if she liked it or not, but she was glad she was here for rounds first thing this morning (not really...she was kind of bored and wishing she was still asleep) and glad she got to see the surgeons. She is changing his diaper right now and he is getting ready to get weighed! He hasn't pooped in 36 hours, but they won't worry about that until he hits 48 hours. He has kept his food down (hasn't spit up) but probably hasn't gained weight. He did have a VERY good afternoon. Even though he fought a fever, they fought it with Tylenol and his breathing was more controlled. We will call that a successful day! Of course, as I'm typing this and Kelsea is talking to him, his heart rate dropped several times in real quick succession. Even though the doctors told us not to worry because it happens and he recovers on his own in about 3/5th of a second, it still cares the snot out of this new daddy! Well, unfortunately his weight was down again, but I guess that is expected since he is not eating! Still praying for digestion of his milk.

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