Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little More Closure

My little cherry picker!
Another 2.5 months have passed since I last updated but I figured tonight was a good night to get back on the horse. I actually had planned on writing an update, but as usual, I didn't get around to it. Luckily, my wonderful wife sent me some pictures we took today and she said I should update it. So here it goes...

Today actually marks one year since Hayden had his "closure" surgery. June 24, 2013 is another one of those days that will forever stick out in my mind and I will remember it like it was yesterday.

Thanks Joanne!
Over the past 21 months (since we first found out about Hayden's omphalocele), we have had some rough moments and we have had some smooth sailing. The roughest moment probably came about 36 hours after Hayden's surgery when he experienced. respiratory failure. Kelsea and I are still so grateful that God put Arun (and many other doctors and nurses) at SLCH the night of June 25th. The highs we have experienced though since that date have completely wiped out the low we went through.

Tonight's post marks the 98th update I have had to this blog. I was hoping to make it to 100, but life got in the way. I really wish I had more time to write on a weekly basis. It was always a good way for me to reflect on where our life was and what God has done for us, as well as helping me to give all the credit and glory back to God.

Hayden's first "selfie"
We have tried, but Kelsea and I know that we can't show enough gratitude for everything that everybody has done for us over the past 18+ months. The best we can do is what we have always said we would do and that is show God's love to others as you have shown to us. We have met so many wonderful people and families. Some in person, some over the internet, and some in person.... someday! We have experienced highs and we have shared sorrow in their lows. We know and have trusted that God has led us to each other for very specific reasons.

I have included a few recent pictures of Hayden as tonight's entry will be the final one that I write. I have been waiting to turn the blog in to a "book" because one of our "O" family friends (the DiFranco's from St. Louis) told us about a few sites that will turn your posts into a book, kind of like what Shutterfly can do with photos. So, in order for me to do this, our story had to have a little more closure!

He loves the slides.
Rarely does he not have a smile.

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