Saturday, January 19, 2013

So the plan was...

Kelsea had her final NST and dr appt on Friday. Well, come to find out, God had a few other things planned for us as well!

I wasn't even going to come to St. Louis yesterday, but Kelsea wanted me there for her interview with Fox 2, and I really didn't want to miss his final appointment. I hadn't missed on yet, so why start now.

Kelsea's NST went as planned and without incident. After her NST, we waited on the MFM appointment. Her blood pressure was high, but not a concern to the two of us because she had been up moving around and packing all morning. She was moving from the Haven House in Creve Coeur to the apartment closer to the hospital. The doctor didn't like her blood pressure and stated he would recheck and if it was still elevated, send us to labor and delivery to have it re-examined. Well, that immediately put us in a "worried" state because it was not what we had planned on. We had a 2 p.m. interview with Mandy Murphey from Fox 2 out of St. Louis, and we couldn't miss it because I wanted to get ahead of traffic so I could have one last night to play with the dog.

Well, her BP was still elevated, so we got to get a free trip - thank you Tryone - for the experience - to the completely other side of the hospital. As we left the doctor's office, our doctor told us Kelsea would not be leaving the hospital pregnant. Kind of funny, but not what we wanted to hear.....I'm beginning to sense a common theme here!

He also reassured us that we would be admitted to the hospital and would probably deliver the following day, on Saturday. We were checked into an assessment room and within a few minutes, Dr. Cahill (who Kelsea had personally requested to deliver Hayden safely to us) came into the room. This was quite a surprise because we were told Dr. Shanks, who we equally loved, was on duty. Kelsea's BP was still elevated and Dr. Cahill told us she didn't feel safe, considering the circumstances, of waiting until Monday, which was our scheduled surgery date. Kelsea asked what time she was thinking for tomorrow (Saturday) and Dr. Cahill responded "I was thinking more like 2 hours! EXCUSE ME??? No, no, no. I'm sorry, that doesn't work for me. I have to get home and let Tucker out. I left at 6 this morning and he is going to have to go potty!!! And we have an interview at 2. Sorry, this just wasn't going to work! Dr. Cahill told us that the news crew had already been alerted and they were enroute. She said she could wait a little bit if Kelsea wanted to, but, she felt it was better to control the situation and deliver him when certain people were definitely available instead of waiting for Kelsea to have more problems in the middle of the night and then have to scramble to gather everybody.

I again stated that I was good with whatever she felt was Hayden's best interest. We came to ST. Louis and Barnes for a reason and I wasn't going to start questioning doctors right now! Bam.....the show just got stated. IV's, ultrasounds, paper works, consents, phone calls, text messages, and prayers.

This was  my test message to my dad at 11:50 yesterday morning. This was en route to the Labor and Delivery side of Barnes "Kelsea's BP is high. Taking to hospital side now to do blood work and monitor. Unless it goes crazy, noting will be done today."

Don't worry yet. We're good and everything is fine. Will text once we get her checked again."

"Come to St. Louis. Drive carefully, but it WILL be today."

I started making phone calls, texting people, trying to get things done before he arrived. Kelsea's parents were 4.5 hours away and they weren't going to make it. My mom was in town and was enroute to the hospital and dad was 209 miles away. He wasn't going to make it either to our 2:30 estimate. we got closer, and I got more panicked, (not because I was worried, I was freaking out....I temporarily forgot to rely on God during my time of need and weakness), and I REALLY mean PANICKED,  we also began to realize that the mocha Kelsea had from Panera on the way to the hospital was going to buy us some time. The interview came and went, and Kelsea was whisked away to do her spinal. I was then left to somehow manage a way to get dressed in the "clothing" this provided for me.

About 20 minutes later, which was full of mom making fun of me in my outfit, I was able to quickly get a pair of scrubs, change, and then be beckoned to join my wife in the O. R. At the exact moment, Dad made his way down the hallway to join my mom. I entered the O.R. to 21 different faces looking at me, including Fox 2 and was told where to sit. About 5 minutes later, Dr. Cahill told me to get my camera ready, then stand up. I stood up, snapped two pictures and froze as I stared at the most amazing sight I have ever seen. At roughly 3:54 p.m. on 1/18/13, Hayden Owen shocked the world at an amazing 6 pounds 2 ounces and 17.9 inches long!

We got to hear him scream right away, which is what he is doing in this pi\cture above. However, shortly after, he had breathing difficulties and a tube had to be put in. However, by the time I got to the NICU around 8 p.m., he was already doing better breathing. He was down to 21% oxygen, which meant he was breating room air (I believe) and within 3 hours, they had removed his breathing tube. As of right now, the only tube he has in is his stomach drain. They will probably put a feeding tube in tomorrow to try and start feeding.

Kelsea is doing awesome. Especially since she was able to hold Hayden tonight for close to an hour and then had close to another hour of "skin to skin time" or "kangaroo" time. It was an absolutely amazing site to see my wife holding Hayden close to her. He didn't make a peep the entire time. It also allowed us to get a quick picture of the three of us...our first one!

As expected, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride these past 30 hours. However, Hayden is doing so much better than we ever could have imagined. We want to thank everybody for their prayers and thoughts over the past four months. We couldn't have done this, nor would Hayden be where he is today, without all of you.

I was able to get a few hours of sleep last night and I am ready for bed now. My goal this morning, as well as most mornings, is to be around when the surgeons and neonatologists make their rounds. It is tiring...and I've only done it for one day, however, it is so comforting sitting next to my son, listening to him make little noises, looking as peaceful as he does!


  1. Andy,
    I forgot that you had this blog and wanted to know how things went overhearing from your friends at work that things were happening. I must say that I'm fighting back buckets of tears for many reasons. Let's just say I've said a few prayers for you and others at work and am overwhelmed with the faith you've found. Ten thousand reasons is a fav of mine too. I keep the words in a journal that I keep near. I know I fall short of what I need to be in Christ, but spend hours at His feet praying for forgiveness and strength. I will continue to pray for those we work with because.....He's all we need.

  2. Allelujah Amen... Two years late, but God still hears it.