Thursday, November 29, 2012

10,000 Reasons

A couple of months ago, I was at Columbus Road Baptist Church on a Wednesday night sitting in the back running the sound board for the Praise Team (I don't know what I'm doing with 200 of the 225 buttons, sliders, and switches...) when they started practicing this song in the video above. Joel Webel, who is one of the MANY talented musicians we have at our church, led this song. I instantly fell in love with the song. He sounds a lot like Neil Young (think Heart of Gold) when he sings this song. Walking out from the ultrasound today, Kelsea and I briefly mentioned how we feel like today was a day to celebrate. Although Hayden's weight is still low and below the 10th percentile, everything else was great. He passed his biophysical profile with 8 out of 8 points. This test, done during an ultrasound, observes the baby's general movements, muscle tone (moving of arms, hands, and fingers, and breathing movements (or practicing breathing as Kim told us) which are basically chest and diaphragm movements, and the amount of amniotic fluid. Even though Hayden is still only at 2 lbs 5 oz., we felt hope because he has gained weight. We walked out thanking God for this wondeful news and took a seat to wiat to meet with the specialist.

As we sat down, I noticed a couple sitting across from us, close to our ages probably, who seemed very happy and carefree. We were called in to our next appointment, and all went fine. We again felt at ease with the doctor and Shannon, our nurse coordinator who meets us at every appointment, was wondeful as always. On our way out, as Kelsea was scheduling her next appointment, I spotted the same couple leaving the office. Their expressions were a sharp contrast to what they were 45 minutes earlier. My heart immediately sank and I wanted to reach out to them. I don't know what they were grieving, but there was definitely something heavy on their minds and hearts that was not there 45 mintues earlier.

It's easy to thank God when things go your way and you get what you want, but what about the times you don't get what you want? I felt so bad for this couple. I don't know their story, who they are, where they are from, or where they were going. However, I've been in their shoes and so have many of you. You have shared your experiences with us and shared your thoughts and prayers with us. I wanted to let this couple know they may not see it right now, but God does have a plan for them. We don't always know how we fit into it or what role He will have us play, but if we turn to Him and cry on His shoulder, He will lift us up. We can't just praise His name and sing out when things are going our way. When we find ourselves at that day when our strength is failing, the end draws near, and our time has come, your soul still needs to sing unending praise.

I hope this couple has Jesus Christ in their lives. If they do, they will get past this. I can't imagine where Kelsea and I would be today if we didn't have God in our lives. He is not 100% at the center where He should be, but He is moving closer and closer every day. I know for a fact that He is the reason we are where we are today and that we are making it through this today. My prayers tonight are for you to find the 10,000 reasons for your heart to sing His praise. One of the reasons I thank God is for the work that is happening right now. The people in our lives who are being touched and transformed by the love and forgiveness He has shown me, including my own transformation. I thank God for continuing to throw them the "life saver" hoping they will turn their back on their old lives and grab on to Him.

Reason 10,001.....................


  1. Beautiful story, beautiful song. God is Good.

  2. Andy, my name is Wayne and my wife, Caroline, had been trying to reach out to you and your wife to discuss your pregnancy as we too have a child with an omphalocele. We will be around Quincy this weekend and would love to talk to you and your wife then or whenever you have time. Feel free to contact either of us at anytime.