Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Does it Mean to be Loved?

Has it really been 2 1/2 weeks since I last visited this area of the World Wide Web? It is amazing, scary, exciting, and nerve racking (all at the same time) when I sit down and think about just how quickly time is passing us by.

These past 2 1/2 weeks I have tried to accomplish two things. First, I have tried to continue pushing forward trying to get everything in order for the new year and have our life as simplified as possible when God decides Hayden is ready to join us on the "outside" in this wonderful world. Second, I have tried to slow down and enjoy our life as a normal married couple who is expecting their first child! Let me tell you, these two lifestyles don't really play well together!

I am lucky that I don't need a lot of sleep to function. Staying up until midnight or 12:30 and getting up at 5:15 or 5:30 work ok for me. Would I benefit from more sleep? Probably. However, I've promised Hayden the best life possible and I will do what it takes to ensure that. Our parents have been strong examples showing Kelsea and I what it means to sacrifice your wants for your child's and I have quickly learned that it is something easy to do. The day after we returned from St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, I heard a song on the radio coming home from work. Thankfully, Soundhoud was able to give me the name and lyrics of the song. Although the details are different, the lyrics of this song, "What it Means to be Loved" by Mark Schultz, hit pretty close to home. It goes without saying that it brought tears to my eyes, once again!

So what does it mean to be loved?
  •  Over the past 3.5 weeks,we have all seen the posts on Facebook regarding what people are"thankful for." Well, every single post people have put on there are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • The continuous cards of prayer, encouragement, testimonies, and general well-wishes are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • The financial and emotional gifts of love and support are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • All of the wonderful gifts and gift cards we have received from Babies 'R Us and Wal-Mart for Hayden are examples of what it means to be loved.

  • All of the cute clothes and hand-made blankets and socks and hats that Hayden received yesterday are examples of what it means to be loved....looks like I have some work to do on Hayden's closet today...not sure where we're going to put all of his things!
  • All of our family members who were able to make it Kelsea's shower yesterday (and those who sent cards but weren't able to make it) are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • Kelsea's mom Laurie, sister Kim, Aunt Bonnie, and Grandma Mildred who traveled a long way in a VERY short time yesterday are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • Kelsea's Uncle Bruce who sent the bar of soap (with a train on it of course!) because he heard she was having a shower are examples of what it means to be loved!!
  • My parents coming in town and helping us out around the house this past few days are examples of what it means to be loved.
  • I know there are more, and I apologize if somebody is reading this that has done something that has showed us what it means to be loved, but there are so many things, it is hard to keep track of them all.
The basement is almost complete being "decorated" and the computer room is a mess (as always). However, it will get done...sometime! Pictures will follow soon!

11/22/2012 - 28 or 29 Weeks....whichever one it is!!!
Other than the issues with the Omphalocele, Kelsea's pregnancy is following a normal pregnancy. Kelsea is not getting big, rather Hayden is getting so big! We need that. We meet with Dr. Kagumba in Quincy on Monday for a normal visit and then we head to Barnes again on Thursday for a 3-week follow-up ultrasound and meeting with one of the MFM specialists.

Yesterday, our iPhone app told us Hayden is 29 weeks. Now, does that mean he is entering the 29th week or has completed 29 weeks, I have no clue. However, it does tell me that we are leaping and bounding closer to our due date. The goal is to make it to 39 weeks, which would put us a week before his due date, which is on February 9th. If we can make it to 2/2/13, that would be wonderful. Howver, as we have found out through our connections with many wonderful people around the country who have had an Omphalocele baby, many don't make it to their scheduled C-Section date, but the work God has done through us and in us continues to amaze me. I am sure the date won't end up being 2/2/13 (which would be the 39 week mark like the MFM wanted us to hit) but that date would mark the one-year anniversary that of our miscarriage with our fist baby.

It's so hard to fathom what God can do and the control He has over everything in this world.  From the timing of Hayden's due date (although it is yet to be seen when he will actually join us) to the work he does on people's minds and hearts. I continue to see loved ones and strangers evolve. I see God throwing that life jacket to them (as Bob always explained to me that God was doing for me) pleading with them to grab on. It is a hard thing to do to give your life to God, something I still struggle with. However, He truly is a loving and forgiving God. I continue to pray, and ask for your prayers, that those in this world who are struggling to find God, will have their eyes and their hearts opened, so He can show them what it means to be loved.

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