Wednesday, November 7, 2012

City of Fulfillment

Well, we finally made it to our room after leaving the house 6 hours ago! Drove down to St. Louis tonight.....thanks Mom and Pops for the room and dinner.... Or at least part of it! We have a long day tomorrow... 5 or 6 different appointments I believe, so we decided to try to have some fun. We stopped by Baby's R' Us and I got to have some fun with their little "scanner gun!" I could do some damage with that! A lot more fun than looking online!

As we pulled into the "city" I thought about how life changes a person. I also thought about how my connection with God has changed me over the past few years. I have always loved St. Louis and have many fond memories from here and many memories I can't recall...or maybe have tried to forget! As we exited off 70, as you turn South onto Broadway towards the dome, the city suddenly overtakes you. Even with some run down buildings, it's still beautiful. I always felt St. Louis offered me everything I ever needed. However, I never realized what it was that I truly needed. Even though the things I desire and need have changed over the past three years, I am glad that now that I know what I really need, I can still find it here. Made me smile knowing I was here tonight for my Kelsea and Hayden and not here for my selfish wants and needs, hitting up Washington St. and all the stuff the "city" offers.

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