Friday, June 21, 2013

It's the Little Things

277 days ago, at this very moment, I was looking at pictures that I had never seen before. I was reading hospital websites and scholarly journals about a medical term I couldn't pronounce. I was completely overwhelmed trying to grasp the new knowledge I was ascertaining regarding something I didn't realize people could survive. 277 days ago, the path Kelsea and I thought we were following took a turn. 277 days ago, we were lost. 277 days ago, we experienced what we thought was the worst feeling somebody could ever feel. 277 days ago, all of the important things, weren't so important.

154 days ago, at this very moment, I was looking at my son for the second time. 154 days ago, we experienced what I know as one of the best feelings a person could ever experience on earth. 154 days ago, the path that Kelsea and I were following took a turn. 154 days ago, all of the important things, weren't so important.

3 days from now, at this very moment, I will be looking at my son in a whole new light. 3 days from now, I am afraid we are going to experience a very troubling and emotionally draining experience. 3 days from now, the path that Kelsea, and Hayden, and I have been on will take another turn. 3 days from now, all of the important things won't be so important.

As the hours pass and Hayden's closure surgery draws near, a flood of emotions continue to rage through my body and my head. We are ready. We are nervous. We are scared. And we are excited. We are blessed.

At originally was thought to be something that would take place around one year of age, Hayden's surgery will take place at 10:30 Monday morning, just 5 short months and 6 days after his birth. I am scared of what we are going to experience because it will be several days before we get to see Hayden's beautiful eyes and smile. It will be several days before we get to hear his comforting sounds. And it will be several days before we get to hold him. However, as much as I am scared of the unknown, I am also grateful for the love God has shown. God has made this possible and He has told us that His son is ready for this next step. We are putting our faith in Him because it is out of our hands. God has led us to this and He WILL lead us through it.

We are so thankful for the prayers, the love, and the support that hundreds and hundreds of people have given us. We are so blessed to have the family we have and for everything they have done, and will continue to do for us. We are also VERY excited that Hayden will get to meet several of his family members tomorrow and Sunday as Kelsea's extended family is travelling to Quincy tomorrow for a quick visit.

It really is amazing how our lives change at the blink of an eye. The past few months, trying at times, have passed by just that quick. The ups and downs, even though we know there are still quite a few more we will encounter over the next few days, weeks, and months, don't seem like the mountains they once looked like. Looking back, in the rear view mirror, the farther we move away, the smaller they seem....just as Hayden's "O" has gotten smaller.

There is so much more I have been thinking about that I wanted to say, but I will leave it at this. God is great and even though our sins have been forgiven, it is hard to not feel like we are forever in debt for every person, event, and trial He has placed in our lives.

Below is a 2:12 video of pictures of Hayden's O and its progression over the past 277 days. They are not for everybody, which is why I haven't posted many on here. However, to see God at work, there are roughly 32 pictures that show just what He has done in our lives!

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  1. Love this and love you guys for who you are. Hayden is blessed to have you two as parents. Surgery will go well. Many prayers coming your way.