Thursday, June 6, 2013


Diaper bag packed. Check
50 questions printed. Check
Prayers sent. Check
Good night's rest. TBD!!

Well, it seems like it has been 6 months, but we head back for our follow up with Dr. Warner tomorrow. We are so excited for him to see Hayden and we're pretty certain he will be very pleased with Hayden's progress. 

According to Dr. Warner at our last appt, tomorrow is the day we will schedule Hayden's surgery. We are praying that Hayden is ready for this next step. As the possibility of his surgery nears, I get a little more nervous. I know the good that will come from this, but I am also scared of the bad Hayden could experience to get there. 

However, I also know God wouldn't take us down this path if He knew we couldn't handle it. We will know a lot more this time tomorrow and I will try to update this weekend. 

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