Thursday, June 27, 2013

Living for Today

After a rough 12 hours, things seemed to settle down yesterday. Hayden was heavily sedated most of the day while they tried to stay on top of things and let him get back on track. A PICC line was put in his head. This is a central line that is more durable and can last longer than a regular IV. It also runs through the vein and ends near the heart and is going to be primarily used to deliver his TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition....I think this is what I remember the name standing for) which will give him his nutritional needs until his intestines "wake up" and decide they are ready to start working. However, I just found out that they were not able to get it far enough and they cannot deliver the full nutrition. Not too happy about this because this took over 3 hours and it didn't achieve what they were hoping to accomplish.

Hayden still battled a lot of mucus and secretions in his lungs, so a respiratory therapist started treatments last night that would help break these up in the different lobes in his lungs. Kelsea is stayed with Hayden last night and I went back to the room to try to get some sleep.

Rounds this morning didn't bring a ton of new information, except for the information that the PICC line is not technically considered a "central" line. They are going to do a CT scan on Hayden's chest to check for a couple of things. First, they want to make sure that there is no blockage in his lungs that is preventing a consistent pressure from the vent reaching all lobes of his lungs. Second, he had an echo yesterday which showed signs of a flattened septum, which would be a result of increased pressure on the heart and possibly pulmonary hypertension (another thing that is common in babies who have Omphalocelese), but the numbers didn't reflect this. The dr. this morning though wanted to make sure.

The goal is still to wean him off the ventilator, but he is not ready yet.

We will see what today brings, but right now, we are not worried about it. We are just living for today and will get there when we get there!

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