Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coming out both Ends

No extubation today, but hopefully he has a good night and will pass his ERT in the morning. I'm sooooooo ready for him to join us in the works of the "awake!"

Big news of the day is......Hayden FARTED!!!! Big time thing since this means that we might start to see some life in his intestines. Anytime intestines are "bothered" they "fall asleep" and wake up whenever they are ready. Nothing can be done to speed up the process. 

Night rounds just finished and his "very specific plan" is in place. His vent numbers have been excellent today and I have a very good feeling about tomorrow!

We are also very excited that Frankie was extubated this morning and should be heading to surgery floor tomorrow. Exciting news for Alex, Joe, Lulu and Frankie! We hope to join them shortly!

Prayers tonight and in the morning for a restful and peaceful night and a successful ERT!

Sunday morning update:
Extubation is a go and Hayden farted more on his it really is coming out both ends!!

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