Sunday, February 17, 2013

Test Ride

Today was another GREAT day for Hayden and the Hoskins family. It was another day filled with full bottle feeds and "riding" in his car seat for three hours! This test ride simulated the car ride home. Since we are 2.5 hours from home, he had to sit in his car seat for 3 hours (in his crib!) and they monitor his vitals and make sure that he has no Oxygen desaturations or increased respiratory rates. We watched for an hour, and then went and met some friends at Tom's Bar and Grill in the Central  West End for lunch. Excellent choice. It was good to get some good bar food! Well, when we returned, Hayden had "just arrived" from his trip and passed with flying colors! One more thing to check off!

The last thing that really needs to be done to him is his hearing test. I am not sure if I posted or not, but Hayden's genetic testing came back and there were zero chromosomal issues and/or concerns. Another big sigh of relief came at the end of the day. Surgery was ready to put Hayden's compression wrap back on. We were able to sit down and discuss options, outcomes, and overall plan. I was open to it, but also a little defensive. At first, I was misunderstanding what the plan was, what the ideas and what possible effects were. However, once we all got on the same page, it was explained that it would be nothing like it was the other day. And when we put the compression wrap on, it WAS completely different. It is all good and Hayden did great with it!

We continue to be amazed by God's grace and mercy and how He has fulfilled the promises He had made. We are definitely not past the mountains yet, but He has already moved so many of them for us. He continues to answer prayers that are coming from around the world. We are so grateful that we have the friends and family, and even "strangers" in our life that have joined us for this journey. We also are so grateful that we have had God right by our side the entire time. I can't imagine going through this without him. He truly has been "leading us through it." Sometimes I feel like God puts certain people in certain situation because He knows they can handle it. Other times I feel like He puts us through these situations to "test" us and remind us that we need to rely on Him. Well, I am happy to say that with our faith and our reliance on Him, we are passing the test.


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