Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Setting Goals!

It is hard to imagine we have been here for 25 days already. The time really has flown by quickly and we have met some great people and have had the absolutely best care. One of the fellows (neonatologist doctors), who I think would take Hayden home with her in a heartbeat, finally got to hold him yesterday. She is so sweet and loves being around and talking to Hayden. Even with the great care and great people, we are ready to come home. Kelsea has been in St. Louis for five and a half weeks and I have been down here for three and a half. It is the worst feeling in the world to leave Hayden at night. I don't feel like a bad parent, I just don't like leaving him here. It doesn't feel right. However, we are comforted because we know the nurses take exceptional care of him when we are gone.

With that being said, we still don't have a date, but all we keep hearing is "Do you have a go home date yet?" One of the doctors this morning asked me if Surgery (the surgical team) had given us a date yet. Well, it still all depends on his feeding and him becoming self reliant. In order for him to reach his goal, he needs to take 45ml by bottle Q3 (which means he gets a bottle every three hours) or 57 Q4 (4 hours). Yesterday, he was taking roughly 25-30 ml in his bottle feeds and last night, his nurse said he took 35, 45, and 43 I think. That would be so amazing if he could reach that today. If he does, then tonight we would try to bottle feed him only. Once he relies solely on his bottle, then we can try breast feeding again. Once those things are in place, we will be heading home. It feels like it is within reach this morning. We are so hopeful to be home within a week.

We continue to be amazed at how well he is doing and we know that it is all because this was a part of God's plan. So many prayers have been answered over the past few weeks. We are so grateful for the people who have put their selfish needs aside and put my family at the forefront. I was humbled again yesterday, and amazed. I was on the elevator up to the NICU and started talking a couple who was going to the NICU to visit their grandchild. When we got off the elevator, the gentleman asked me my son's name and then said, "We're gonna do this right here and right now." He then immediately broke in to prayer, right in the hallway outside of the waiting room for the NICU. It was so powerful and such a moving experience. Once again, I was shown the love God has for us and seeing other's faith and love for God and trust in His plan lifted me up. I couldn't stop smiling after that brief, but short encounter.

Yesterday, we also found online a new article that was written by him. It was posted in the Daily Mail (click for the article), which is the 2nd largest newspaper in the U.K. However, it was only posted online and on the U.S. site. The author, Victoria Wellman, took the news report from Fox, found some information on this blog and Facebook, and wrote a fantastic story. Kelsea and I were again amazed and grateful for the opportunity for God's great work to be spread around the world through Hayden.

This morning, I arrived at my normal time: 5:55! I was given a wonderful report from the night before. Hayden gained 75 grams yesterday, which is roughly 2.5 oz. That was an amazing jump over night. That means he weighs about 6lbs. and 9.5 oz! However, the nurse also said he might have dropped some weight because of what he did about 4 o'clock this morning! She said he scared himself, as well as the cleaning lady because of the sound that came from his diaper this morning! She said it was a two-diaper job! After that, she said he stayed wide awake and they hung out (she held him) while doing work on the computer! When I walked in, he was wide awake! I usually don't mess with him when I come. I give him a kiss and then sit down and work on the computer. However, since he was wide awake, we got to "play" a little this morning. Finally about 6:45 he tired out and fell asleep. Which is what he is doing right now. Shortly though, I will change his diaper, change the dressing on his Omphalocele, and then feed him.

I told him his goal for today is 45 ml by bottle. Kelsea and I keep telling him that the more he can take by bottle, the quicker he will get home to see Tucker, Killer, and Slice!

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