Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pure Bliss

Update time as I'm waiting for the coffee and the boy hasn't woken up for his 6 am feeding yet! Things are going great. We couldn't be happier to be home. It took us a day or two to acclimate ourselves to our home. We kept thinking this or that was new and had never seen it before. Kelsea couldn't find the bowls and I couldn't find the silverware! However, I think we're good now!

The feeling was unexplainable when we pulled into the driveway! We don't ha e our (Kelsea and I) schedule down yet, but we will. It has been bust trying to organize, put things away, and of course find the bowls! Thank you to my parents for having a clean house to come home to. They were so excited to see him come home before they headed home. We got back to Quincy about 6 Saturday night and they had a 7 am flight out of St. Louis. They stuck around for an hour or two before finally heading out on what I'm sure was a very long drive to St. Louis!

So far I'm 2 for 2 on trips to Walmart the past 2 days. It also looks like I need to make a third today! Cats are going to the groomer again today (we started shaving them to cut down on hair on floor), Hayden has his first appt. with his local dr, AND we are going to pick up Tucker'! Although a little nervous about bringing him home knowing the attention he will need, we are very excited! I'm also gonna show Hayden how to fire up the snow blower today and let him practice for tomorrow. After all, that is why you have kids, isn't it? To help around the house??!!

I quickly learned that updates and posts will be fewer and farther between, especially after I start back at school. Not exactly sure when yet. We need to get everything under control (medical stuff mom and dad have to do, PT visits, OT visits, home health nurse visits, and everything else) and then decide.

We also don't mind visitors, we just ask that you call, text, or email before so we can let you know if things are good. We also ask that If you are, have been recently, or have been around somebody who has been sick, that you stay away!!!! We also ask that kids not come as well and don't be offended if I have you squirt germ-x on your hands every 5 minutes!!!

Thank you again everybody for your love, support, and prayers. We know God answered many of your prayers and He is the reason Hayden is doing so well.

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