Friday, February 8, 2013

In Case You Missed it.....

Last night was truly amazing....all over again! The suspense was killing me! That was definitely the longest 48 minutes of my life waiting on the segment. Mandy Murphey did an absolutely fantastic job. Kelsea and I feel so blessed and lucky that we will be able to relive that moment whenever we want. I can't even begin to thank (let alone mention all the names of the people in the OR) everybody who was a part of Hayden's big day.

It is also amazing to see the love and support of everybody around the world. Hayden is definitely being used by God to touch the hearts of many, many people. Kelsea and I are thankful for the continuous prayers from our church family, Columbus Road Baptist Church, our friends, family, and strangers. We know every single one of you had a hand in this and will continue to do so as Hayden grows and improves every single day down here.

I left my house exactly three weeks ago and am definitely ready to get home. However, we are here for as long as it takes. As Mandy Murphey said in her special, we couldn't imagine being at a better place. The Fetal Care Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital is filled with some of the best doctors, nurses, and medical staff in the country and we are blessed to live this close. This is why we came here!

In case you missed it, which I'm not sure anybody did, here is the link to the story and the videos associated with it, from Fox 2 and Mandy Murphey. I tried to embed it in the post, but couldn't get it to work!

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  1. Have been praying for Hayden! as you have been praying for my son, Todd.
    God bless you and his continued healing..
    Our Todd is healing beautifully with relatively no pain anymore from his burns! Thank you!