Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I feel like I'm back in the swing of things at school. It has been a week and all is good! Well, at school at least. I miss Hayden and Kelsea when I'm gone. I was very fortunate to be able to spend almost 7 weeks with the two of them! Even though he is in great hands at home, I'm jealous knowing Kelsea gets to spend the whole day with Hayden!

Nights are going as expected! He doesn't really let me get much school work done at night from 8-10. I'm still trying to get kids caught up before the quarter ends Friday. Many of their grades were not where they should have been, so it's been a long week trying to get kids to turn in missing work, finish tests, and complete projects. It makes my life miserable trying to get this done before grades are due next week, but the kids need it.

With that being said, I'm sitting on the floor right now, enjoying some time with my baby who's sitting in his bouncer sucking on a pacifier while my other baby is trying to get some sleep. She better be at least....I have found her on Facebook and reading when she should be sleeping!

The boy is growing. I'm pretty certain he is over 8 lbs, but we don't have a "dr office" measurement! Just our own personal baby scale! He is eating, farting, burping, spitting, crying, and making the cutest noises while he sleeps! Pretty normal stuff! His tummy time is going great on his modified "tummy mat!" He favors turning his head to his right, but he was going back and forth tonight was getting some good height and "hang time" lifting his head!

I would also like to welcome Gavin Christiansen in to this world. He was born yesterday morning to Carly and Ryan. Carly and Kelsea have become "virtual" friends over the past few months as both of our families have travelled down this path of life with an "O" baby. You can read about her journey here:O Baby Christiansen. What an awesome family. Looking at her pictures and posts really kind of makes me miss our life before Hayden was born. I know that sounds wrong and let me explain. I love him being here, and wouldn't trade a single thing, nor have I ever asked for that. However, the last 4 months of 2012 had such an impact on my life, I miss it at times. Even though there were many unknowns, it was such a wonderful feeling spending so much time learning about Hayden and his condition. BUT.....it doesn't come close to sitting here and watching him tonight just passing the time!

We are also 3 page views away from hitting 22,000 over the past 6 months....you might not see it or feel it, but He continues to use Hayden to reach out to many, many people!

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  1. spent a lot of time reading through your blog tonight, i had no idea the journey your family was on, my husband and i recently became foster parents to a beautiful newborn baby girl- is is a miracle! god has truly blessed us in so many ways. we are headed to children's tomorrow, it is reassuring to read wonderful things about them. keeping your family in our prayers.