Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Got My Boots Tied Tight

The day has finally arrived. I knew it was coming, and I was anything but looking forward to this.... I am heading back to work tomorrow! It has been just shy of 7 weeks and I am kind of nervous. We have gotten in to a routine and I am not looking forward to breaking that routine. I'm also a little nervouse because I know I will struggle with some students' names!

Kelsea and I are so grateful that our work has allowed us the time off that we have. Even down in the NICU for 30 days, we felt so blessed to be able to spend every possible second with Hayden. The doctors and nurses were always amazed at the time we were there, but we were very lucky to be able to do that. I told Kelsea that I think she needs to go back to work and I will stay home instead of her! She didn't buy it. I am looking forward to seeing my students and coworkers. I snuck in for a little bit Friday afternoon to talk with my sub and it spread like a wildfire that I was there. Kids were coming in to the class non stop during his planning and we didn't get anything accomplished. They were all exctied. It was also so neat because kids I don't even know where stopping in and saying hi and asking how my baby is doing. I am not sure what exactly they did, but I know two former students (two of my favorite from last year) spearheaded some campaign to raise funds for Hayden's medical expenses. I don't know what it entailed, but I do know they had assemblies at QJHS (I think maybe QHS as well) and showed the Fox 2 report to all of the students. Again, I have no clue what they are up to, but these are two pretty special people.

I can't even begin to imagine what tomorrow will look like. Luckily, it is ISAT week and classes for Freshman are only 30 minutes long. I have a feeling those thirty minutes will be spent answering questions and zero work will get accomplished. That is ok because I know my sub(s) did a wonderful job and the kids were in good hands. The year is winding down and I think we are only a week away from the end of 3rd quarter.

Hayden has a dr. appt tomorrow and I am bummed out a little bit because this will be only the second appt (I think) I have missed this entire time...including before he was born. I am so anxious to find out what he weighs. He has been doing great feeding-wise. With the exception of a few small spit ups here and there, he seems to be doing what is asked of him. According to his home health nurse who came yesterday, he is about an ounce and a half from 8 pounds. I'm praying he hits that mark tomorrow!

His omphalocele is still doing great. The thing is tiny and all but a few small pieces of the nasty looking green/yellow scab stuff (not really sure what it is/was) are still attached. Skin is completely covering his organs. It is still very new skin and pink and raw, but it is growing! There is only a tiny bit left of his umbilical cord stump. Dr. Asbury took off most of it last week which helped a ton. However, there was still a little tiny piece left attached to the base of his skin and we're certain there is skin growing underneath it, but she wanted to continue to let that fall off. Thank goodness she did what she did. You never want to say your child stinks, but Hayden did! It was making me sick to my stomach. I was literally within an eyelash last Wednesday of losing my lunch! I love him, but it was nasty!

I catch myself continually walking into his room or peaking my head in. At first, it was more of a concern and wanting to make sure he was still breathing and moving when he was quiet. However, now it has become more of getting my "fix." I am still so amazed when I see him sleeping in his crib. I continuously thank God for fulfilling His promises and delivering this beautiful child to us. I know this is a feeling most parent's have, but it is just a wondeful feeling. To look in to his room, and see him sound asleep, his arm sticking straight out, making his little grunting noises, his Omphalocele moving back and forth as he breathes. I could just stand there, leaning on the side of his crib, and stare all night long. Pastor Bob always told me things would change once I had kids. Boy was he ever right. It was like somebody flipped a switch. All things that were important before, seem so far in the distance. Seeing what God has done for us and what He has done for Hayden can change a person in an instant. I was reading a blog this afternoon that was written by a mom who is just a few weeks into her and her husband's journey of being pregnant with a child with an Omphalocele. It was almost scary reading a couple of her posts because every word she had written, it took me right back to a few short months ago. I was able to relive every moment that they had. To think of all of the issues that we faced, that we were afraid of, that Hayden could have had to deal with, and God gave us this perfect little angel...... It made me pray even harder and longer for this family, and others who are close to meeting there precious little baby that they would have the strength to continue this journey and that God would deliver to them a healthy, beautiful, happy baby!

Mom and Dad are flying back up tomorrow. They are glad the snow has stopped flying (well, sort of....wind still blowing it all over the place) and that the temps are warming up this weekend. Not sure how long they will be here, but I know they are looking forward to seeing him. Kelsea's dad was also able to make it down to Quincy on Sunday. It was very nice to see him and we were so happy that he was able to meet and hold Hayden. Hayden has now officially met all of his grandparents! Still working on all of the great-grandparents, but we are moving down the list. Still can't take him to church. We are going to wait and see what the surgeon says on our appointment on the 29th, but I am looking forward to getting back there. We have missed that part of our life and want to let everyone know how their prayers have helped us.

It is also time to go get the boy ready for diaper change and feed then off to bed. I am "off" the rest of the night and will hopefully be able to sleep until 5 (next alarm) as the wife pulls the 2 a.m. duty!

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