Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Mornings have become my favorite time of day over the past 6-7 years. Saturday mornings, especially on a nice cold fall morning like today, take me back to Saturday game mornings, pulling up to Flinn Memorial Stadium, the anticipation of getting out and playing a match on the National High School Soccer and Football field of the Year! That field was its prime. I can still remember Senior Night against Sacred Heart. With about 7-8 mins to play, Peter C., their current coach had a 18 yard low shot off a corner that beat Wittler, our keeper. Luckily, I was on the post (probably wasn't supposed to be!!!) and cleared it off the line to keep it tied 0-0. Stratman was there and I remember he told me after the game I was probably in the goal and it probably should've been a goal for them.... Some things never change....glad to know he is at least consistent in his dishing out you know what!

With about 4 mins to play, Casey sent a ball from the right wing to the middle of the field to Ryan Thomas who was near midfield. He then sent it to a streaking Jason Allen in front of me on the left side near the 18 who took a touch and dipped it over the keeper for a 1-0 win. Talk about a finish. In those days, it was a miracle guys didn't get hurt when we celebrated. We would literally tackle the scorer and promptly have a dog pile of about 20 guys right in front of the bench!

Well, today is Senior Day for QHS Blue Devil soccer and I am not there to see them on their last game at Flinn. I am on my normal Saturday morning routine getting a headache and backache from the bumpy ride on the beautiful yellow bus. Many people watch cartoons on a Saturday morning, however, today, like most Saturday mornings in the fall, the two pictures included are the only thing I get to watch in the morning. I am going to miss watching the Seniors play today, but I have a feeling after next weekend, I am going to be able to see them play quite a bit more!

I have two games in Columbia, MO, today and I truly feel good things are to come.

In exactly 96 hours, Kelsea and I will be trying to find our way around Barnes-Jewish and even though we have thoughts on what we want to hear from the doctors, we are praying constantly that God's will, will be done. No matter what news we get on Wednesday, we both know He will be right there with us, carrying us forward.

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