Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part Two: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, & The Good

The Good: Carpet was installed in basement on Saturday.

The Bad: The 1,347 flies living in our house because the door had to be open to get carpet, pad, tools, etc... into basement.

The Ugly: My ugly feet walking on the carpet...but it felt ohhhh soo good!

The Good: My awesome, wonderful, thoughtful wife talking Spanish and giving homemade enchiladas and beans to the Mexican workers who installed our carpet to take with them for dinner on their ride home to St. Louis.

 The Bad: They probably threw the plates (and food) out on of their 1986 full sized van before they turned on 12th St. laughing because we gave them the food we did! (Just kidding....they were very appreciative and I bet they chowed down!)

 The Ugly: My stomach after eating the enchiladas.

The Good: Dr. Kagumba's office at QMG contacting Washington University last Thursday and faxing Kelsea's info to her. We still don't know a lot yet, but we hope to find out more after we can meet with a specialist down there. I am guessing our future includes Barne's and Children's in St. Louis.

The Bad: Dr. Kagumba's office not hearing back from Wash U. for several days and every time they call, they get a voicemail and not live person. This has been a long five days waiting to hear what our next move is. I know we shouldn't worry, but the hardest part right now is the unknown.

The Ugly: What baby H was about to see this afternoon because I was getting very frustrated we weren't making any progress with St. Louis

The Good: Listening to a story tonight from and old friend who was telling Kelsea and I about his recent struggles with faith. It was amazing to hear him open up and talk about the loss of a "brother" and the temporary loss of a deep rooted faith, only for God to take his words and lead him to those words in the Bible. Listening to somebody open up about their questioning, their struggles, and God's wondeful way of bringing him back to Him was so uplifting. I feel like the conversation could've gone on forever tonight.

The Good: Lisa's homemade cheese soup and brownies tonight. It was a perfect night for good company, although way too short. It was a pretty special time to see my best friend, his family and his three beautiful children.

The Good: Dr. Kagumba's nurse calling Kelsea this evening and explaining that the paperwork somehow was lost in transition and that they finally spoke to somebody at Wash U today and they would be calling Kelsea to set up an appointment in the morning. Talk about instant anxiety relief!

The Good: God, His word, and His plan. We might not know, we might not like, we might not agree with, or we might not even see His plan, but we DO know that it is GOOD.

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