Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Small Glimpse

Rough 36 hours. Hayden, mom, and I have been up for about 33 of them. He continued to struggle off the vent. Actually he was breathing great and was weaned almost down to 1 liter of O2. However, the pain and his addiction to pain medicine got him. They think he was exhibiting withdrawal symptoms from the sedative he was on while intubated, which caused 30 hours of straight crying, which led to swallowing a lot of air, which led to a distended tummy, which meant he was unsuccessful when we attempted to feed him tonight. 

After another one of "those episodes" around 6:45, Hayden was calmed down, had a replogle tube reinserted into stomach to drain gas and fluid, put back on lower dose of similar analgesic, and slept for almost 3 hours. So happy to see him calm for a few hours. Even though I know this is all part of Gods plan, when you see your son struggling, it is hard not to worry and question things. Thank you all for the prayers, for Hayden AND Kelsea and I. I received an email with a perfect message at the perfect time tonight that greatly helped me out. 

Kelsea and I are splitting shifts tonight and hopefully she will wake up and relieve me at 1:30 so I can get a couple hours of sleep and be back by 6 to get ready for rounds. 

Remember, what we are seeing in front of us at this moment is only a photograph, a tiny image of the grand scheme He has laid out for us. 

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  1. Praying constantly for you and your precious son.
    I know what it is to have a child in such pain and anguish. God will hear our prayrs as HE did last night to give you and Hayden some rest. I continue to visualize Hayden in Jesus arms and know HE will protect and help him through all this. HE has a plan for Hayden. God bless you all and continued peace and rest! xoxoxo Carol Walden