Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Short Nights/Long Days

Last week was just an emotional week.

After finding nothing wrong last Monday night/Tuesday morning, the doctors sent us home. Surgery felt it just might have been him reacting to the anesthesia. Everybody reacts differently. That night was the worst of my life. After I looked back on it, Kelsea and I were truly scared and worried about Hayden. We were completely helpless.

I stayed home from school on Wednesday to help Kelsea take care of Hayden and make sure he was rally better. Well, Hayden continued vomiting Wednesday with a lil blood in it Wed evening. After 5 hours in ER in Quincy, Kelsea and Hayden were transported to Children's ER by ambulance. I followed and arrived about 3:15 am despite the rain and fog.

I really don't like leaving for St. Louis at 12:48 am, but the adrenaline kicks in and the drive is no big deal. I think it is harder for Tucker when he sees me walking out the door with bags again. This dog is going to be messed up!

He stopped vomiting but was having trouble breathing. When I got to the ER at Children's, Kelsea was on the bed holding Hayden and he had a mask on to deliver oxygen. It was a long night again with zero sleep and around 8 in the morning he was transferred to a room. He did start feeding and was not having issues.

We were put on the "pulmonary/cardiac" floor due to his oxygen desats and breathing difficulties. His dr thinks it could either be some GI virus or still reacting to anesthesia from surgery. They can't find anything big besides his "O".

Hayden's family dr was gracious enough to get us a room at the Parkway hotel so we could get some rest. We are so lucky that God led us to Columbus Road Baptist Church. We don't know what we would do without their support. All of the support from people all over continues to lift us up when we are struggling. Kelsea went to get some sleep around 1pm. I finally got some sleep around 8 Thursday night and slept for 10 hours. Twice as long as what I normally do!

His doctor, Dr Ferkol, was amazing....as they all have been, and funny. I was back in Hayden's room for rounds and he said we could stay for observations, but, the longer we stay, the greater chances we have of getting a roommate who could make Hayden sick as well. So, i called Kelsea and said lets get out if here. before we left, the dietitians talked to us about Hayden's weight gain. He is putting in weight, but not a ton. Granted, the only times they have weighed him since we left the NICU were times he had been vomiting all night, but it still concerned us.

We got home again Friday afternoon and had a good couple of days. Hayden ate like a champ Saturday to make up for lost time. He did good until he started running a fever today and struggling to eat. A local dr thinks his choking and vomiting problems could be related to nasal drip, so we are working on that tonight! Good news is his weight is up to 4.3kg (9 lbs 7.6 oz) which is his highest! Bad news is, Kelsea is now sick and was vomiting herself which is why I'm up at 4:30 in the morning writing! Lets pray it doesn't make the rounds at the Hoskins Household!

We can look back at our lives the past few months and look to our future and easily get discouraged. Self-pity is something that can easily attack our mind and spirit. However, that is Satan trying to drive us away from God and question why he would make us suffer. Tonight, Kelsea and I continued watching the documentary on St. Louis Children's Hospital. I urge everybody to check out
http://www.childrensforhope.com/. It is a very moving series and makes you realize just how great your life is. As always, it left both of us in tears. Partly because we have a connection to the doctors, nurses, and families we see, partly because the rooms and floors they're on are the same places Hayden has been, partly because we feel sorrow for what some of these families are dealing with, and partly because we feel stupid for ever thinking how bad "we" have it.

It has truly made us appreciate what God has given us and what He has done for our family.

Here's to a good week and no trips to St. Louis before Hayden's appointment Friday afternoon with Dr. Warner!

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