Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Mountains

This post tonight/early morning is coming to you from the 10th floor of Children's Hospital in St. Louis. We had an unexpected trip Easter night, but I will get back to that. This post is devoted to God fulfilling his promise and raising His son from the grave. God has continued to show His love for us through Hayden's growth. Hayden made it to Easter service yesterday morning and he loved Bobs message. The Quincy Herald Whig also ran a wonderful story on Hayden. It is an excellent testimony of our faith and trust in Gods plan. I think you can only view stories on their website a few times. If it doesn't work, I will try to post the text on here later. There is also a multimedia slideshow and interview included. Maggie Menderski and Phil Carlson were excellent to work with. The link is below.

Quincy Herald Whig story

Hayden has continued to struggle with his inguinal hernias. His doctor, Kathy Asbury, has continued to amaze us. Several times she has unselfishly left her family to come by the house to help us reduce Hayden's hernia. She is a true example of Gods love for others. Yesterday afternoon, his hernia was causing Hayden some pain and we couldn't get it pushed back up. We decided to take him to the ER at Blessing because he has been throwing up quite a bit of his food the past day and a half.

After being examined in Quincy, they were able to reduce the hernia, but he had a little bit of blood in his urine. After the ER doctor spoke with a ped. surgeon at Children's, it was decided that Hayden should be monitored down here. Kelsea left the hospital around 9:15 and travelled with Hayden in the ambulance. After packing a few things, I left around an hour later. Bless my parents, they were over at the house again helping get things together. They also cancelled their flight home this evening so they could stay with the animals and be "on-call" for whatever we needed.

It is 2:10 in the morning right now. Kelsea is "sleeping" on the couch (which really means laying there eating some trail mix) and I have the boy sleeping in my arms! His hernia continues to drop and make him unhappy. I was able to get it "reduced" once and the resident on call was able to several other times. He is happy right now, which means I am too....

Right now, we are just waiting for rounds in the morning and will meet with the surgeon on call and go from there. Yesterday in church, one of the songs we sang was "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong. One line stuck out which has been a recurring theme. "Savior....He can move the mountains...." Even though we feel like we keep coming across mountains, we know and trust in God that He will continue to move these mountains.

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  1. Hayden is so precious and God is Mighty to save. You all have been so greatly blessed by the people in your lives (friends, family, doctors, etc), but Hayden has poured out just as many blessings (if not more) than what your family has received. Sometimes God doesn't give us "easy," but "easy" isn'y always best. Continue to trust in God's plan for you and your family and the mountains will be moved! He says all you need is tha faith of a mustard seed!

    Love, Auntie Kimabelle