Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Update

Even though I knew I was way overdue for an update (I think about it every night, but other things get in the way!), I didn't realize it had been over two weeks. I will try this weekend to get a detailed update with some pictures, however tonight, it is just a quick run through.

Hayden finally seemed to get past his croup and started eating better and gaining weight. We have surpassed the 10# mark and tonight were at 10 lbs, 4 oz!

His O continues to amaze me. We are just about a half dollar away from being completely covered in skin and it continues to change shape daily. His abdomen is getting absolutely huge! He really looks kind of funny with a really wide abdomen now but still a small chest. He has continued to grow in to his happy, care free personality, making mom and dad laugh and smile non stop because that is all he seems to do. Well, until his teeth start bothering him. Yes, he is starting to have a tooth push through.

I get caught up trying to research the difficulties children and babies with an omphalocele have such as feeding and breathing issues, and trouble gaining weight, as well as options for surgery and future outlooks, that I forget that we have our own little "normal" baby growing leaps and bounds every day. I have to remind myself to stop thinking about his O so much and concentrate on the fact that he is a happy, healthy, growing little boy!

Kelsea and I seem to be doing well with alternating jobs on different days and nights. She has helped me out when I have been tired and I would like to think I have done the same for her. We still have our struggles, and our disagreements over stupid things (I know right, who would ever imagine doing that) but we continue to thank God daily for what He has provided us. Even though I (we) am a little scared still about what the future may hold (on many fronts), I/we know that God didn't bring us this far just to kick us out of the car and tell us to find our own way home. He continues to show us the path, day after day.

Pictures and more to come this weekend....

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